The Little Black Book of Golf
Tried & True Seal of Approval Tried and True Tested products, restaurants, hotels, gift shops, golf shops, a 'Good Housekeeping ' Seal of apporval
Golden Sprinkler Award Golden Sprinkler Award Given to the Best Kept or Improved Golf Course


The Little Black Book of Golf

Our magazine, The Little Black Book of Golf, is found in printed and digital format. The magazine continues to be the guide that travels with the golfer, having a shelf life of over three years.circulated worldwide since being digitized on the internet in 2008. our websites since last year. We will continue to develop, learn about, and travel to other golf destinations for ideas. Being members of The Golf Writers Association of America, the Golf Travel Writers’ Association, and the International Network of Golf has enhanced our work to give our readers the best and newest information. Our passion continues to make this area the golf destination of New England.

With our offices in the Berkshires and Cape Cod, our advertising on various radio shows throughout New England, and our efforts to bring forth the passing of the bill (#4666) to allow sales of alcoholic beverages on the golf courses in Massachusetts, we are drawing more and more traffic to our popular websites, and

Golf Cape is our flagship web-based advertising platform. The website offers clear, easy to navigate information geared toward providing golfers from anywhere in the world with all they need to come to Cape Cod to enjoy golf. On the website your will not only find listing of all the region's golf courses, but to restaurants and hotels too. also offers local Cape Cod and world golf news, instructional videos, products complete with our 'tried and true seal of approval' as well as audio golf tips. places extremely well in the search engines and is currently enjoying almost 7,000 viewing hits per month. The site also utilizes a local and nationwide linking network system which in turn put our site continuously in the middle of many other golf relates websites. Of course we take advantage of our other great websites and both the web-based and printed versions of The Little Black Book of Golf.

Hickory Heritage Media Golf Classic

Dubbed "New England's most unique golf event", this event has been aired on NESN’s Golfing the World, Golf Channel’s Golf Central, and FOX T.V.! The purpose of the Hickory Heritage Golf Classic is to showcase Cape Cod, the Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts as the golf destination of New England. We do this to bring golf travel writers together with our area business professionals to get to know each other, play golf, and break bread. After this three-day event we expect golf travel articles and stories to appear in these writers’ newspapers, magazines, and on websites.

Golden Sprinkler Award

The Golden Sprinkler Award is given to the unsung heroes in the world of golf. Their names are not found on club heads, golf bags, the sides of soft-spiked shoes, or the fronts of cereal boxes. They are the ones who provide the lush green fairways, the carpet smooth greens, the neatly landscaped layouts, the smiles in the pro shop, and the greet of the day at the starters shed. The Golden Sprinkler Award is one that takes into consideration all aspects of golf course maintenance, service, speed of play, courtesy and overall presentation.

Tried & True Seal of Approval

The "Tried & True" service is an endorsement by Tee-Ball Golf that the golf destination, product, service, or golf related item is all that it claims to be. It's like the "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval award. A Tee-Ball Golf's staff member either played with the product , experienced a golf destination, or used the services offered.

After Tee-Ball Golf reviews (test) the service, product, or destination and gets the seal of approval we include it in the Little Black Book of Golf stamped with the logo above. Most products get a full editorial review.

Note: If the product does not live up to manufactures claims we simply say nothing.


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